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Revolutionary Heel Pain Treatment


Dr. Michael Horwitz, a Board Certified Surgeon, narrates this 10 min video. It describes a break through minimally invasive treatment for heel pain that has become very popular with Feet For Life Patients in the midwest.


Minimalist Footwear


Find out why minimalist footware is the best preventative therapy for your feet. A focus on the achilles tendon and plantar fasica. Narrated by Dr. Michael Horwitz. A Board Certified podiatrist in his 30th year of practice.




Epos Ultra Promo Video is both entertaining and informative. Apollo 11 and 16 footage added for fun.


General Information


Dornier Med Tech Video. A very good promo video for the Epos Ultra put out by Dornier.


Use of Guidance System


Epos Ultra video focuses on ultrasonic guidance system and coverage of plantarfascial treatment area.


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